A new year-round business officially opens in Sturgis

By Aleah Burggraff
Published: Feb. 7, 2022 at 4:00 PM PST

STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) – Monday a new business was officially welcomed into the Sturgis Chamber of Commerce. It adds to a growing list of businesses that are open past peak tourism season for the town.

“It’s very exciting today to have our grand opening,” said owner of Emma’s Ice Cream Emporium, Amy Groves.

The Main Street business is unique compared to others in the area.

It came about after the community expressed they wanted the sweet treat store in the town famous for its motorcycle rally, but there’s more than just frozen desserts.

Behind the ice-cream parlor, there’s a pour house and in the basement, there’s an event space.

“What’s fantastic about it is they are one of the newer businesses showing it’s possible, with the right business plan, to be able to host tourists that are coming, of course, during our peak tourism season, but also be able to be open throughout the entire year,” said Sturgis City Manager, Daniel Ainslie.

“It’s very exciting. The businesses were excited for something new, and everyone’s been very wonderful, very friendly,” expressed Groves.

Groves and her husband purchased the building while still living in Nevada.

“You know, they really saw a need in our community and wanted to invest and it’s fantastic to see people that are willing to take the leap to invest in our downtown,” commented Ainslie.

An easy investment as the Groves have been fans of the town for years.

“Well, we started out, we are Rally people. We got married at the Rally in ‘05 when a past mayor, Ann Lazelle, was doing weddings out of her house. We’ve come every year since,” said Groves.

Then decided they wanted to be a part of the community open longer than just the two-week-long Motorcycle Rally.

“We will be open year-round. No questions we will always be open and I’m so excited we’re able to do that for the community and for us.”

Another business open to the community year-round is the Sturgis Striker Bowling Alley.

The alley went up for sale in 2021 with a Rally vendor interested in purchasing it, but the Sturgis Economic Development Corp are working on buying it instead.

“Of course, they’ll be open for the bikers, but more importantly they’ll be open year-round for the residents in Sturgis,” said Ainslie.

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