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Our current assemblywoman, Annie Black (now running for Congress) is leaving some pretty big shoes to fill!

But if you’re an “Annie Black Republican,” you’ll be happy to know that…

I am, too!

Annie’s a constitutional conservative who steadfastly fought for limited government, limited spending and limited taxes, as well as individual liberty, free markets and small business.


Here are my “Where I Stand” positions on a variety of issues  (I “swiped” a number of them right from Annie)… 

  • I support limiting the governor’s “emergency” powers without approval of the Legislature
  • I oppose mask and vaccine mandates; what YOU choose to do is up to YOU
  • I oppose raising taxes & have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge
  • I support tax CUTS, including repeal of the Commerce Tax
  • I support ending the state’s business license fee
  • I support cuts to vehicle registration fees
  • I support spending cuts of all “non-essential” government programs
  • I support the Second Amendment
  • I support “campus carry”
  • I am pro-life
  • I oppose ILLEGAL immigration & sanctuary cities
  • I support requiring a valid, photo ID before casting a ballot
  • I oppose “all-mail” balloting & “ballot harvesting”
  • I am opposed to government employees serving in the Legislature
  • I am pro-school choice and support education vouchers, savings accounts and tax credits for parents
  • I support home-schooling
  • I oppose the indoctrination of “Critical Racist Theory” in schools
  • I oppose biological males participating in girl sports, including in college
  • I support “merit pay” for exceptional teachers while making it easier to fire incompetent ones
  • I support allowing you to buy less-expensive health insurance policies across state lines
  • I oppose the creation of a “mileage tax” on your car
  • I oppose charging sales tax for your Internet purchases from out-of-state companies
  • I oppose government mandates on private businesses, including wage and benefit mandates
  • I support the elimination of all unnecessary government-mandated occupational licenses
  • I oppose lawsuit abuse & support tort reform
  • I oppose “rent control”
  • I support a requirement that all bills be posted online for at least 72 hours before being voted on, without amendment

Want to know my position on other issues?  

Shoot an email to: amy@amygroves.net or give me a call on my cell phone at (702) 521-7119.


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