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Two words: “Annie Black.”  But I’ll get to that in a minute…

Founding Father John Adams observed that the “public business must always be done by somebody,” adding that “if wise men decline it, others will not.”

We do NOT have wise men running either our country or our state today.

As former President Barack Obama once said of now-President Joe Biden: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to $#&! things up.”

And the only reason Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak isn’t the worst governor in the nation is because there’s such stiff competition from his mentor in California, Gavin Newsom.


  • Has abused his “emergency” powers
  • Has crippled our state with mask and vaccine mandates
  • Has been a disaster in managing the government

That’s especially true when it comes to his DETR debacle in handling unemployment claims for those Nevadans he put out of work with the Sisolak Shutdown…

And his need for a federal “blue state bailout” to balance our budget.

His soft-on-crime policies have created a catch-and-release revolving door for convicted, violent criminals who have been let back on our streets to terrorize our neighborhoods.

His education policies have kept Nevada schools among the worst in the nation. 

And his election “reform” policies have made it easier to cheat in elections.

  • He supports gun control
  • He supports open borders
  • He supports abortion on demand
  • He supports Critical Racist Theory
  • He supports boys competing in girls’ sports
  • He supports higher taxes (no matter what he *says* on the campaign trail)
  • He supports Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Remember in November!  But also remember this…

Sisolak’s crusade to turn Nevada into East California has been aided and abetted by Democrats in the Legislature who turned a blind eye to his abuse of “emergency” powers; refusing to even discuss the issue in the 2021 session.

Unfortunately, too many Republican-in-Name-Only (RINO) legislators are just as guilty; going-along-to-get-along without putting up even a peep of protest.

But not our Assemblywoman, Annie Black!

In the 2021 session, Annie proved that one person willing to take a principled stand and fight back CAN make a difference. 

While other Republican legislators sat silently, watching the parade go by, Annie stood up, spoke out and fought for freedom and our constitutional rights.

She was Sisolak’s and the Democrats’ worst nightmare.

She regularly skewered them in floor speeches. She led or participated in protests, rallies and demonstrations.  She spoke at conservative and GOP events all over the state.

She wasn’t afraid to do press interviews.  She was all over social media raising hell – not taxes!  And her extremely popular “AnnieGram” newsletters kept voters informed throughout the session on matters not covered by the mainstream press.

And when the Democrats told her to wear a mask or produce a vaccine passport, she told them to pound sand. 

In return, they kicked her off the Assembly floor and told her she couldn’t come back unless she “apologized.”

She told them to kiss her…well, you know.

Annie is an inspiration to all of us who believe Republicans should act as an opposition party, not a minority party – until we again become the MAJORITY party!

As you know, Annie has decided to run for Congress and take her brand of principled, conservative opposition to Washington, DC. 

And her example representing us over the past two years inspired me to run for her Assembly District 19 seat this year.

I’m a proud Annie Black Republican.  I’m an Annie Black conservative.  I’m an Annie Black boat-rocker.  And I’m truly honored to have Annie’s endorsement in the race.

More importantly, I hope to earn YOUR support as the candidate best able to fill Annie’s huge shoes representing YOU in Carson City.


  • Let’s kick Sisolak out of office
  • Let’s kick the Democrats out of power
  • Let’s kick the RINOs to the curb
  • Let’s turn Nevada red
  • And…Let’s Go Brandon!



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